Hey it’s Barb Earle, speaker, neurotransformational coach and health and well-being expert on a mission to help you get to know your brain better and explore what it matters. Welcome to day one of a summer debunking myths about the brain. To coin a word, we’re looking at neuromyths, misconceptions about the function of our mind and brain. Neuromyth number one: We are either left-brained or right brained. FALSE. There is no neuroscience evidence to support this statement. In fact, many brain imaging studies have shown that there is no dominant ‘side’ between our left and right hemispheres. Do we tend to think in ways that support one side more than the other? Yes, and it’s more about the habitual ways we think over the concept we are dominant in one side or the other. When we think in terms of absolutes, left or right we are limiting and convincing ourselves there is only one way to think. Are there distinct functions for each hemisphere? Yes, and at times we can get stuck spending too much in one or the other. Other times we can take advantage of what each singular hemisphere offers. The fact is we use both hemispheres for many thoughts, calculations, and creations. And, with practise we can integrate both sides to enhance our effectiveness in thoughts, emotions and actions. Besides, why would we want to use only half our brain? Join me in a couple of days for examples of how to integrate both sides of your brain and walk away knowing how to use your whole brain, not just one side. Let the neuroscience of your brain do the rest.